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Contains tools to communicate with a database using JDBC. The goal behind this class is to allow connection with the database and creation of auto-generated SQL statements so manually creating native SQL code is not needed. This includes initial table creation which is not normally included in most database frameworks.

Supported DatabasesLink

SQL Statement BuildersLink

  • ColumnBuilder
    • Used for creating a database table column.
  • DeleteBuilder
    • Used for creating a DELETE sql statement to delete a row from a table.
  • IndexBuilder
    • Used for creating a CREATE sql statement to create a new table index.
  • InsertBuilder
    • Used for creating an INSERT sql statement to add a row to a table.
  • QueryBuilder
    • Used for creating a SELECT sql statement to query the database.
  • TableBuilder
    • Used for creating an CREATE sql statement to create a new table.
  • UpdateBuilder
    • Used for creating an UPDATE sql statement to update a row in a table.
  • WhereBuilder
    • Used for creating a WHERE sql statement to set a constraint on another statement.


This page is a WIP and more documentation is coming soon.