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The OSInfo class returns information about the current operating system.


  • Architecture
    • Determines if the current application is 32 or 64-bit.
  • Name
    • Returns the name of the operating system running on this Computer.
    • ComputerNameActive and ComputerNamePending returns the computer network name.
  • Windows
    • Returns information about the current Windows installation.
  • CheckIf
    • Returns boolean value checks.
      • is32BitOS - Identifies if OS is a 32 Bit OS.
      • is64BitOS - Identifies if OS is a 64 Bit OS.
      • isLinux - Identifies if OS is a distro of Linux.
      • isMac - Identifies if OS is MacOSX.
      • isSolaris - Identifies if OS is Solaris.
      • isWindows - Identifies if OS is Windows.


This page is a WIP and more documentation is coming soon.