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JUT Version ChangelogLink

Version 1.5.1 changes (10/13/2018):Link

  • Added new userHasPermissions method overload to AuthManager
  • Added new userHasPermissions method overload to Subject
  • Fixed bugs and missing methods in Subject
  • Fixed deprecated methods in NativeMethods
  • Fixed other small bugs

Version 1.5.0 changes (10/07/2018):Link

  • Updated JDK to Java 10
  • Login Dialogs now don't require the use of Platform.runLater()
  • Message Boxes now don't require the use of Platform.runLater()
  • Message Box Default button is now in the right order.
  • Massive changes to authentication and permissions system
  • Renamed jbdc to jdbc
  • Removed all deprecated methods from 1.4.0
  • Updated javadoc
  • Replaced some loops with streams
  • Added trim to all string isEmpty checks
  • Added UTF_8 protection
  • Added ExceptionUtils class for use in junit tests
  • All password hashing now uses BCrypt replacing SHA-512
  • Other minor fixes

Version 1.4.2 changes (1/23/2018):Link

  • Fixed fatal error with isUserLoggedIn method

Version 1.4.1 changes (1/22/2018):Link

  • Added UserManagerException
  • Added PasswordHashingFailedException
  • Added isAdminLoggedIn method
  • Added getAdminOverride and getUserVerification methods
  • Added requireAdmin and requireAndVerifyAdmin methods
  • Added isLoggedIn method
  • Fixed rare bugs with loginUser and logoutUser methods
  • Fixed exception that was thrown if user did not exist on login dialog
  • Limited number of SQLException and GeneralSecurityException checked exceptions
  • Changed Session Manager dialogs to use instance vars for parameters(old methods deprecated)

Version 1.4.0 changes (1/19/2018):Link

  • Added User Management Classes (UserManager, UserAccount, UserRoleManager and UserRole)
  • Added Permission Management Classes (Permission Manager and Permission)
  • Added Session Management Classes (Session Manager, MultiSessionManager and Session)
  • Added Database Builder Classes For Building SQL Code
  • Added HyperSQL Database Support
  • Added Custom Event/Event Handler System
  • Added New Utilities Classes (StringUtils, NumberUtils and CollectionUtils)

NOTE: Some API changes have occurred: * Moved Database.Users class to UsersManager class * Made Database class constructor auto-connect to database * Deprecated DatabaseConnectionInfo fields and replaced with getters/setters * Made all utility classes final and have private constructors * Made all method parameters and most existing classes final * Added period to first line of all javadoc comments * Updated SecurityTools.getFileHash to use Apache Commons Codec Library (Java 9 Fix) * Renamed ReInitalizeHW to ReInitializeHW * Renamed ReInitalizeOS to ReInitializeOS

Version 1.3.1 changes (⅘/2017):Link

  • Added FXML Dialog Wrapper
  • JavaDocs documentation is improved
  • Pom file is improved and updated
  • Now hosted on Maven Central

Version 1.3.0 changes (3/31/2017):Link

  • Added MessageBox and Login dialog objects
  • Added Static Class Instantiation Protection
  • Added Database Tools classes (Includes SQLite and H2 databases)
  • All dependencies are now included in jar file
  • JavaDocs documentation is improved

Version 1.2.0 changes (02/22/2017):Link

  • Fixed ComputerNameActive and ComputerNamePending not returning accurate value
  • Added ComputerInfo Class
  • Fixed a naming bug since version 1.1 that caused an infinite loop
  • Fixed the java.IO.File.delete calls to now use the java.nio.file.Files.delete
  • Created a demo if the library is run directly
  • Fixed error with RSA generate key pair, it didn't check if save to files was true
  • Fixed error with ConvertBytes function not returning accurate value

Version 1.1.0 changes (02/18/2017):Link

  • Created OSInfo, HWInfo, SecurityTools and WebTools classes instead of packages to improve importing.
  • Renamed StringExpanded2 to StringExpandedFromRegistry.
  • Moved tools.osinfo.Enums to just tools.Enums.
  • Finalized JavaDocs. Everything is documented correctly now.

Version 1.0.0 changes (02/13/2017):Link

  • Initial Release